What is Residual Income?

Residual income refers to the ongoing commissions or bonuses you can earn based on the sales and activities of your downline team. Here’s how residual income works::

  1. Direct Sales Commission: You earn commissions when supporting clients to meet their health goals.
  2. Downline Commissions: As you build your team, they become part of your downline. As your downline team members support others, you earn commissions or bonuses based on their activities.
  3. Depth and Levels: The compensation plans extend multiple levels deep within the organization. This means you can earn commissions not only from the people you directly recruit (level one) but also from the people they recruit (level two), and potentially further down several levels.
  4. Leveraging Team Efforts: Residual income s a result of leveraging the efforts of your team members. As your team grows, and each member contributes to supporting clients and other coaches, the cumulative effect leads to more significant residual income potential.
  5. Ongoing Commissions: Once your downline is established and remains active, you can continue to earn residual income on a regular basis, even if you take a break. However, it’s crucial to maintain communication and support with your team to ensure their success and retention.
  6. Work and Training: Building a successful downline and generating substantial residual income requires ongoing work, dedication, and training. As a leader, you need to provide guidance, motivation, and support to your team members to help them achieve their own sales and recruitment goals.

It’s important to approach this with a long-term perspective. Building a sustainable and profitable downline takes time and effort. Success depends on effective communication, relationship-building, and the ability to mentor and support your team.


The company makes no guarantee of financial success. Success results from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership.