Overestimating Your Weakness is Not Great for your Weight Loss Mindset!

Are you overestimating your weakness? We try to accomplish so much in a day, whether at work or on vacation or at home. We pack as much into that day as possible.

Underestimating Your Strength

When we have a goal, we go for it, as fast as possible. It is exhausting to function like this.

never underestimate your strength never underestimate your weakness

We have a whole lifetime to accomplish our goals. Why not divide the workload a bit. Now, I’m not saying procrastination. I’m saying to look at the big picture. We can accomplish so much without getting discouraged if we would just see the big picture.

For example, you want to lose 50 pounds. Well, the 50 pounds didn’t get on you over night. So why would you think you could lose it in a day, a week, a month? We are impatient. We can be irrational. We are human.

Being human means that we have the ability to recognize and evaluate our thoughts and decisions. So lets take a look at what is realistic to accomplish and in what timeframe. If you believe you can lose the weight, than you will. But make the plan a realistic one.

Overestimating Your Weakness

And don’t forget the other extreme… saying negative self-talk. For example, I’ll never lose the weight, I’ll gain even more, I don’t have any self-control, I will always be fat. Overestimating your weakness is not great for your weight loss mindset!

That’s where a program like the one I am doing comes in to play. You learn good healthy habits and learn to control your mind. Mindset is such a huge part of accomplishing any goal. Why wouldn’t you pick a program that offers a healthy body and healthy mind as main objectives. Why would you not want the best program to be working for you!

Life can be hard. Life can also be fun, joyous, rewarding, educating and amazing!

I am a health coach. A health coach will help you recognize where you are, and where you want to be. Then the health coach will help you get a plan that is between those to points so that you can reach that goal. A health coach will see your potential before you do and will also help you be realistic on your goals, all while keeping your eye on the prize you want.

So use me as a health coach to make sure you never underestimate what you are capable of and to help you set realistic goals (and dream bigger too!) to achieve your desires!

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