Use The Winds Of Change To Build Windmills

I think it is easy to stay safe, in one place, not make a change, not progress. But what good would that do? You may think that building walls will protect you from the things around you, but in fact the isolation that it builds and the distance that it keeps you from others, is actually a hazard to you. The darkness from six walls, a cube, a top/bottom/four sides, can be dreary. What in life is worth looking forward too?

windmill is winds of change

Instead, how about building windmills, making a change? Who knows what will come. Maybe you fail. Maybe you are successful. Maybe you learn something new. But whatever the outcome, it has to be better than being trapped inside walls. POSITIVE MINDSET. Change to excitement in your mind… what if if works? what if I get better? what if I succeed?

Imagine the air flowing by as the windmill turns. Sometimes the air is fast, sometimes it is a gentle breeze. But at least the air is moving, striving to flow, energizing with every movement, making others around it happy. The air is invigorating, refreshing, calming, and energizing!

I’d rather be a windmill than a wall. I’d rather touch multiple lives than just my own. I want to feel the air move around me. I don’t want a stale non-changing life. I want change, happiness, progress! I want to live, not just survive!!

So ask yourself… What would you rather be, a windmill or a wall? And tell yourself… I will, I can, I am!!!!

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