Strong Enough

Life can be challenging. No doubt. I used to not feel content- I always had to be striving for more, becoming better, growing. Then I realized it is ok to rest and enjoy all I have worked so hard for. In these moments of reflection is where I realize how strong I have been and home much I have overcome.

Strong Enough

I wonder how I got the strength to survive a life-threatening illness that took over a decade to recover from; to go to college full-time despite this illness and continue on with my studies to become a nurse practitioner all while working full-time; and then to go through a divorce and know that I did not fail, I just grew and life changed. I overcame all these and continue to overcome them.

All I can say is that we are each stronger than we think. We are able to handle more, do more, and keep going. Like the quote“as hard as you think things are, you end up wishing they were only that easy.” Those are pearls of wisdom for sure.

I’m in this world and living this life for an obvious reason, and I find strength in that. My reason is to help others. I always knew that is what I was meant to do.

Why are you here? What gives you strength? Determining if you are strong enough is only something that you can answer. Dig deep. Look inside. Feel the strength. Grow from it. Feel empowered by it. And know you ARE strong enough.

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