What is your soul? Interesting question. Part of my weight loss journey is realizing it is ok to lose weight. I realized that I needed the weight to feel safe, to be safe and that’s why I couldn’t lose weight for so long. (and the fact that I was doing it all wrong once I could mentally get the weight off!!!- until I found this program). I had to dig deep to understand why… why if I got some weight off did I not see the physical change in myself. Why didn’t I feel pretty/worthy of being like that. It was deep. It was something that had to be uncovered.

Some definitions include:

  1. the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life
  2. the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe
  3. a person’s total self
  4. an active or essential part
  5. the moral and emotional nature of human beings
  6. the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment
soul tree

So it goes without saying that if you act and do things from your inner essence, it brings you joy. And when you align yourself with others with a similar soul to you, together you can do great things and bring joy to yourself and to others.

This time is different for me with weight loss. I can see the changes. I can see myself becoming thinner. That’s because I realized that I am worthy… that I am safe in a smaller size… that my body size does not change me, it helps me be healthier and feel confident. I am overcoming the struggles set in my soul as a child. I can be thin. I can be healthy. I can be safe. Weight loss can be positive.

Emotionally, you are connected to your soul. When you ‘find yourself’, you find your soul and what you are meant to be and meant to do.

Have you found your soul?

Start your weight loss journey with me today!

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