Serendipity: Being Awakened

We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.

Interesting how life works. Ever wonder how you can make life changing decisions, only to find out that your life truly changed by the decision you made? The decision ended up being for the better and you had no idea at the time that the outcome would be this. This life. This experience. This wonderful life. Full of daily awakening, full of soul fulfillment, full of daily moments that are enlightening and teachings that make you more. Wow. So very wonderful.

serendipity awakened

And then it happens. The change you made. The reality has become more than you could have ever hoped for, more than you could ever wish for, and more than you feel you have ever deserved. The life is now. Serendipity has found you.

This was what happened to me. I was at a point where I knew something had to give. I was gaining weight, exhausted, working way too much, frustrated about how I looked and felt. I had aches and pains, was deconditioned, was ballooning out in size. Then I saw a friend that I had known very well- he struggled with weight for years… and all of a sudden he was losing weight, truly losing weight.

So I called him on a Thursday and asked what he was doing. I was 100% in. This was not a diet. It was a comprehensive program that focused on my mind and body. I’d have a coach. I’d eat the programs nutrition. I’d do self-development and be involved in a positive, supportive community.

But honestly when I signed up, I was mainly focused on weight loss. Little did I know… little did I realize… the true change was inside of me, not the outside of me. The focus on habit changes, behavior changes, improving relationships and how I interact with others, improving my sleep and environment. Wow! The list goes on and on.

Six months into this program and my life is changed forever already. Yet I am just starting to grow in my journey of self-transformation. I can’t wait to see where this goes. My life is now. Serendipity has found me!

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