Perspective: What You Choose to See

Perspective is what you choose to see. It is the way you look at something. The key is to understanding the perspective is choice. YOU make the choice.

Sometimes looking at something from a different viewpoint can change how you see things. It can give you a sense that there are other possibilities and other rationales for what is going on, for what you are going through, for how you are handling a situation.

Take for an example a common picture. One is of a man in jail painting walls with bars on the windows keeping them trapped inside. The other man is in jail, but he is blind. He paints a beautiful meadow with trees. Both are in the same situation. Both are in jail. One sees being trapped, the other sees beauty, openness, and peace in his vision.

So now take this example and apply it to eating healthy. Some may say I can’t have… I can’t go out because I won’t be able to have…. But that is their perspective. MINDSET. No change that perception to what you CAN have and what you get out of making healthy choices! Yes, you can go out with friends to a restaurant and chose to eat healthy. Yes, you can go to a birthday party and choose NOT to have cake. You are empowered to make these choices. They belong to you and only you.

Who’s or what perspective do you want to have? Do you want to learn how to open your mind and see things in a positive light? Of course, everything in life is not perfect, but choosing to respond and process things in a manner that helps your health is the best choice.

Life is full of choices. The situations we put ourselves in, how we think of things, how we act and respond to things. These are all choices. We can learn from our choices so that we make better choices in the future. We can become better.

How will you choose to see the world? How do you choose to see yourself? How do you choose to see others? What choices will you make? Will you feel empowered to make those choices!!? I do!!!!

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