Learn to Rest

Ever think of just not giving it any more effort. Just calling it quits. Sometimes that’s ok. But sometimes you just need to take a break from it and then you can go back to it recharged. But, what is ‘it’? That is for each of you to determine. For some it may be a craft project; a relationship; a home improvement project; working overtime every week; trying to work and go to school; or trying to start your own side business.

learn to rest peaceful tree

IT IS OK TO REST. Stopping briefly is not failure. Rest is good for the body and soul. Sometimes you just get tired and need a moment to recharge. Take the moment. Take care of yourself. Resting is peace. Don’t let resting stress you- it is a natural and healthy thing to do. Truly healthy to take care of yourself!! And a break will allow you time to reset, refocus, and come back with more energy and better vision for the situation.

I’ve often said our bodies are smarter than we are. Our body will force a shut down when things get to be too much. So rather than going into shut down mode, start to listen to your body. Listen to the clues your body is trying to tell you. And then decide what you want to do.

It is up to you to determine if it is worth taking a rest. Learning to rest can be difficult. We are driven to succeed, to finish the task, to get ‘er done. But live is about pace. Living for the day and enjoying the day. It isn’t necessary to rush all things!

Hard to believe, huh? Enjoy your life. Take a rest. Then, get back to ‘it’. You will be glad you paused, even if briefly, because when you do come back, you will be stronger!!!

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