Identifying and Changing Limitations

Limitations are set often by our own mind. Many times we can achieve or overcome obstacles, but we set up our thoughts for failure. Why do we do that? How do we overcome limitations? Why is that necessary? How freeing would life be without limitations?

Sometimes with set limitations on ourselves without even knowing it. Limiting our beliefs will hold us back from what we want in life. So how do you change that? First, you need to identify what you want. Ask yourself, if you could…. what would you do? What do you want?

don't limit yourself

Second, you need to identify why you do not think you can achieve what you want. Is what holding you back worth not trying to go for what you want? What are you afraid of? What is the worst that can happen if you go for it? What is the best thing that can happen if you go for it?

Third, you need to know that you are worthy of achieving that goal. You have to invest in yourself. You have to put in the work to achieve the goal. You can just want it or wish for it. You have to work for it or it will never happen. So, buck up, do it, go get ’em, keep your focus on your goal, and don’t look back- you aren’t there anymore. The only way to get your dream is to face your limitations head on, tackle them and defeat the fear!

Let’s aim for no limitations and reach for the sky!

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