I Learned to Fly With Broken Wings!

As my life has changed over the past few years but I learned to fly with broken wings and adapt. I do not always graciously accept this adaptation, and reluctantly I proceed in life. Through my many near death experiences, I’ve learned that I am at this moment meant to be here; doing what I am doing, and living. Though I haven’t always agreed or understood ‘why me, why have I persevered through all this,’ I accept this to the best of my capabilities.

I Learned to Fly With Broken Wings

Gandhi said:

Strength doesn’t come from a person’s physical capacity, but strength comes from an indomitable will. A person with an indomitable will is a person that will not let being broken stop them from proceeding forward with life on a journey to success.

I have had broken wings, physically and mentally. I’ve had to learn to fly with broken wings. And that is exactly what I have done.

Mindset is necessary to overcome obstacles. And obstacles are necessary to grow. I love that this health journey is more than weight loss. I love that it is a self-development tool to learn more about yourself…. where you are, what you want, and then it teaches you how to get there. Small steps, small habit changes, consistency. I’ve learned how to eat better. I’ve learned how to respond to my environment and to food differently. I’ve handled situations better. I have changed my perceptions so that I am learning to handle every thing that is thrown my way in the best possible light. Positivity. Adaptability. Awakening. All of this is so much more than a weight loss program.

I’ve taken adversity and conflict and turned them into positive attributes. I’ve learned what I do not want to become. I have found an inner strength to be better than I was, before this moment, and to fly higher than I could ever dream. And I know that as I learn more and uncover more information, I will learn and grow from those experiences as well.

Have you ever had broken wings? You can choose to fly or you can choose to die… there is always a choice. But choose.

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