How Much Does This Cost?

Cost is a great question! It actually depends on your goals, what your medical situation is, and how fast you want to lose the weight. Ask yourself… what is your health worth to you? Do you take care of others before yourself? Are you ever a priority? What would healthy feel like to you- being able to move easier; enjoying time with family without feeling self-conscious; buying regular sized clothes; not needing to take blood pressure or cholesterol pills; not having to take diabetes medication anymore? Could you do more, feel better, live freer?

What truly is the cost of health? How many programs are free that give you total health- zero! Each has a cost, whether it be the food, pills, supplies, etc. But what if you could use a program that was comprehensive to achieve your weight loss and health goals? What if you didn’t have to take pills or supplements or have surgery to get to your optimal health states. For many people this program is cost neutral. And you will save money in the long run as well!

We have several different paths available depending on what you’re looking to accomplish and I won’t know what program is best for until we chat for a few minutes about your goals. That’s why I am offering a free no obligation health assessment. We can see where you are at and identify your goals. Then we could see the best option for you to obtain those goals. The program is so much more than weight loss. It will transform you as an individual. The stories of success in this program view the cost as absolutely priceless.

“What do you think you are currently spending on food, including eating out, groceries, coffee, extra snacks, vending machine, etc.?  This data is from an article published on March 5, 2020, ‘What average Americans spend on groceries every month in 22 major cities‘. You have the cost of groceries, and you also have the total cost of food (eating out, getting a drink or snack when getting gas or from the vending machine, buying something on the street to snack on, etc.).

  • The average household grocery spend across major US cities ranges from $314 a month in Atlanta to $516 a month in Seattle.
  • The average household total spent for food across major US cities ranges from $622.19 a month in Atlanta to $951 a month in Seattle. The average of this would be $786.60 a month.

If you broke that down per day that would equal $26.22 per month. The average cost per day for this program while you lose weight is less than $3 per meal and you get healthy at the same time! So maybe you have less medications to buy, you definitely will be eating less food per day after the program. You will feel better, look better, be more active, be more vibrant.

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