Having gratitude each and every day for the small and the big things in your life can change your mindset and vibe to be more positive, fulfilling and rewarding.


Sometimes you have to start small. Each morning when you wake up list three things you are grateful for. And each night when you go to bed, do the same. Examples are having a thriving relationship in your life, having a pet, waking up, sunshine, not wrecking your car, being able to afford groceries or pay an electric bill. Find the positive in each day and be thankful and grateful for it.

Gradually the daily grateful thoughts will help change your outlook on life and you will be grateful for more and more things. Then you will see that life is working FOR you, not against you. It is your perception and your inner being with thoughts of gratefulness that will enhance and evolve you as a human being!

Be grateful. Find gratitude in yourself each and every day and watch your life transform!

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