Embracing Pain: Grow Through What You Go Through

Embracing pain and accepting the challenges and obstacles can only make us stronger. When a door closes, another opens. Yes, we get this. We know that when we have trials and tribulations in our lives and we overcome them, we come out stronger.

What does this program help you do? It helps you see that a challenge and an obstacle are actually opportunities!! Yes, opportunities! Did you ever not get a job only to have a better job come along. Sometimes our timing, our paths in life are different than what we expect that they will be.

That is because we cannot control every external factor in our life. Truth. But you can control your response to that factor. You can control what you do, how you do it. And you can reflect on how you handled a situation with the hopes of handling such a situation even better in the future.

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey

Life is going to give you challenges but embracing pain can be the fuel that drives you to succeed! You could see a pile of stones and think I can never move them. Some people will get help moving them, others will move one at a time, some will spread them out and use them as a path. If you reach an obstacle, you are meant to go around it. Life is NOT working against you… it is working FOR YOU!!!

Change your mindset. Own your reactions. Get passion from what you have learned and go forward with motivation and strength in life. Break the unhealthy relationships, unhealthy choices. Begin a new life with purpose and passion knowing that this life is working FOR you! Join the journey to get a healthy mind and healthy body! Let’s do this together.

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