Do As I Say

The famous phrase “Do as I say, not as I do” means even more to me today than it has in the past.

I needed to change my habits and show my patients that change is possible and that when I tell them about getting healthy, losing weight, making better health choices– that I, myself, am actually doing those things too!

saying is one thing doing is another do as i say

To inspire and teach others is to do. Live the life. Be healthy. Don’t just say this is how to lose weight, show them, do it!

I am honored and grateful to have found this program so that I could be an inspiration to others! I love helping people and now have no shame about teaching others (when I was never doing the actions myself).

Small daily healthy habit changes result in lifelong transformation of optimal health.

Are you doing? or are you only saying….

Do both, be both, just live what you say and do as I say will be true!!!

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