Crumble The Walls You Build

We build walls to protect ourselves; to block out others. Those walls can be strength and comfort. They protect us. They can also hurt us. Sometimes walls are used to keep bad habits or be in denial of unhealthy habits when we don’t want to believe that what we are doing is harmful to our bodies/ourselves.

Walls can also hold us back. Figuring out what the walls are that keep us from moving forward can be challenging. What are you afraid of? Is the fear realistic? How do you break down the wall? And when you do break down the wall, what will be on the other side?


Walls do protect, but they don’t solve the underlying problem. It is good to have walls until we are able to cope with what is on the other side of the walls.

There comes a time, whether we are ready or not, that we will have to deal with what is on the other side of the wall. Don’t let fear hold you back. The wall will be there and it may get taller but not addressing it.

It will be a relief when you reach the point that you can break down the wall you built. Break the wall, solve the problem, and be stronger in the end.

For me, losing weight was a wall. I am capable of it, though I didn’t really know the correct way to lose weight until I found this program. The wall was mental. I didn’t feel safe with the weight off. Even when I hit my weight goal once in 2004, I didn’t look thinner in the mirror, I didn’t feel thin. Weight loss would never ever work until I figured out why it wasn’t working! I look back at pictures now and can’t believe that was me. But I wasn’t healthy with that weight and I didn’t know how to eat correctly until now. But the biggest barrier was the wall. I had to have the weight on to feel safe. I learned this by digging deep and dealing with my childhood.

It’s worth looking at your past so you can have a future. Figure out what and why your wall is there!

The walls can crumble if you take the effort to take them down!! How? By taking one small piece at a time and removing it from the wall. Eventually, as one piece, then another, then another are taken down, the wall will collapse from no support. Every piece doesn’t have to be removed for the wall to crumble. But you have to start with one piece in order to make any progress to demolish that wall.

Once you start to see the wall coming down and crumbling, you gain hope, then strength and determination. Soon nothing will stop you from destroying the wall.

This can be applied to anything in our life. Is the wall depression, stress, work, weight, alcohol, your relationship, etc? Figure out what you need to focus on to get healthy and start taking the wall down.

What do I want for you? To identify and overcome what is holding you back so you can achieve your dreams!

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