Choose Health!

It’s your decision and I say choose health!

Own Where You Are Now. Own Your Choices. Take Responsibility For Your Actions.

We always have a choice and they are powerful.  For the majority of us, it is you and only you who is in charge of your life. You choose what you do each day, what you eat, what you drink, what you spend your money on. You made all the choices in your life to get to where you are now. And you need to own that. You are responsible for your own actions. You need to accept that. Stop blaming others for where you are. Start owning your own life and your choices. This is part of overcoming your past and celebrating your future.

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Acceptance is allowing yourself to go completely with whatever the situation is. Let go of fighting reality. Freedom from suffering requires acceptance from deep within. To accept something is not to mean you have to like the circumstances. Accepting something is also a choice.

So what are the daily choices you make? To be better, to be kind. I think that when we surround ourselves with people with integrity and kindness deep down to their soul, we can help ourselves become better. I know I want to be a better person. I want to understand why it is that I do the things I do. And as the years pass, I am beginning to understand more and more. Now that I know more, I have the choice to decide how I react to certain situations, and how I handle my emotions and actions.

Acceptance is choosing. Do you chose to eat a piece of cake or to chose not to so that you can reach your health goals? By making a choice for health, you are empowering yourself to be in control. You do NOT need to have the piece of cake. Food does not fill any void. You need to remove triggers and circumstances to that you can achieve your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is your mission. Your ‘why’ is your compass- it is where you want to go, what you want to achieve, who you want to become!! Do you want to lose 10 pounds in a month, or only 2 pounds? Is it worth it to go off track and have to restart the fat burning phase again and again, causing your body to have to work so much harder. Again, it is your choice.

Choice is also not deprivation. Choice is positive, invigorating, motivating. Choosing health is powerful. Choosing better options is amazing! It gives you strength and purpose!!

Change your mindset to: I am worth it. I am worth the powerful choice! I own my own choices. I control my life. I make my own decisions. I react and handle situations (food, emotions, interactions). My past has taught me that I can do better. I can make a difference for others in a positive way. And I can be that person who inspires others.

This program helps you with all aspects of your life- food choices, emotional responses, environmental choices. So I say, choose your own life and make the decision and choose health! I’ve made my choice and I will continue to be my best me!

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