Breaking Free: Transforming

At times we are chained to what we think others want us to do or even to what we think we are expected to do. This isn’t always fair and we have to learn that it is OK to take charge of our own well-being and to break free from the social expectations, and even from our own expectations.

When the moment finally comes that we throw up our arms and break free the ties that have held us back, we can rejoice in knowing that we are now free. Free to live. Free to breathe. Free to understand what is happening to us and free to forgive ourselves for allowing that to happen.

breaking free

As many of you, I’ve struggled with losses. I want to build on my strengths. I want to try to think more positively and try to enhance my life. Some of my life experiences have been negative, yet I have lived through them. Some of my life experiences have been challenging, yet I have succeeded.

My experiences have altered my perception of life, yet I have endured through life. My experiences have focused on loss, yet I have persevered and went on to focus on success. My experiences have changed my path in life, so I chose to look for a new path. My experiences have brought sorrow and hardship, yet I continue to make it through each day.

As I reflect back, and even into last year, I realize what I have overcome. I am learning to change my outlook from the negative to the positive. This transformation journey focuses on having a healthy mind, healthy attitude, healthy outlook and it teaches you how to do this. Once I changed from sorrow and sadness to the fact that the world is doing things for me, my life has evolved and only gets better each day.

I have achieved great things and done many things in my life. Things that will not be forgotten by those I love. I am thankful for the ability to have lived this life.

And I choose to move on in a positive manner. This is the first time I feel at ease in my own skin. I can’t remember the last time I felt this comfortable in my own skin. I can’t remember the last time I felt this peaceful in my mind. Things are working for me. And now I dream, bigger dreams!

You will love the mindset with this program. It is truly a healthy transformational journey!

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