Weight Loss Mindset

Changing your mindset while you travel down the road of your weight loss journey is key to producing lasting results. Learning new healthy habits starts with a change in your mind.

Habits are recurrent behaviors. They are natural things you do in life and often you don’t even think about them, you just do them. But are your habits healthy? Are your habits helping you become the best version of you? Do you ever feel bad after you do something and have shame about a habit you have? This could be over-eating, drinking alcohol, shopping and spending too much, making bad food choices, or smoking? Do you have unhealthy habits?

It is important to identify and understand habits that limit us or our habits that are unhealthy. For example, if you always want a donut when you feel anxious, it is important to understand the feeling that you get from the donut. How can you create a good habit that will give you the same feeling?

Forming good habits will become natural as you identify the bad ones and then purposely pursue changing that habit into a healthy habit. As you progress in changing your habits you will be able to identify quicker the habit of disease.

As you recognize that you are about to act on a bad habit, you will learn how to stop that from happening. You will learn how to make a choice in that moment to either proceed with the bad habit or to choose the healthy habit. And the good news, the more you do this, the easier it becomes. And when you keep doing good habits they become natural and automatic.

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